15 May 2011

Spring favorites Pt.1

And the award for the worst blogger goes to...Me! LMAO I know I'm horrible but I have come bearing gifts lol. Well not exactly but kinda sorta lol. I'm here to talk about some of my favorites for the spring and summer. I'm all about my J.Lo glow lol which is also huge this season. So let's get started.

FLAWLESS RADIANCE by Bare Escentuals | This by far is one of my years MUST haves. It is a Yellow based translucent powder that gives the face a nice chiffon creme colored glow. I guess that's why the classify it as a radiance. I love to use this product as a hi-lighter of the face. TIP On the outside of the eye area, middle of forehead, top of the cheek bone, down the bridge of the nose and fan out, and right along the jaw line. This product is nothing short of ingenious it can also be used as an eye color. How nifty! And the best part is that it is only $18.00 you can not beat that! I give this a 5 out of 5. buy it at Bare Escentuals

ILLUMINATING MINERAL VEIL by Bare Escentuals | This light weight translucent powder helps give the face that soft focus airbrushed finish. Giving your skin that pearly, ethereal glow that reflects the light. It's great for evening events, parties, and anytime you wanna look glamorous it a quick step to take an everyday look to the next level. NOTE This is also great for more mature women it gives the a dewy fresh look. I give this a 4 out of 5 Reason being if you are a darker color you only need to use a little bit otherwise it has the tendency to ash you out but that's only when you have used a bit much. With this product less is more. buy it at Bare Escentuals

TURKISH DELIGHT by NARS | I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this lip color. I bought it last May and it instantly became one of my favorites. It is a pink sorbet color so it's great for people who are tan who are looking for a nice nude pink. On more fair complexions it is a really nice soft pink. You can wear this alone or use it over a lip color. The price is $24 which is pretty standard of NARS caliber. I give this a 5 out 5. This product can be purchased at NARS or your local Sephora.

AMBER (BUXOM LIP GLOSS) by Bare Escentuals I don't know how many of you guys are familiar with Buxom glosses but I love them. They give your look that sexy pout it has lip plumping agents! And they range from sheer glosses to full colors! Plus the packaging is uber cute too. Amber is a soft coral peachy iridescent which on warmer tones is a nude how cool is that. But I love this for a natural lip look. They have over 20 colors so check them out your bound to find one that you like. I give them a 5 out of 5 they're retailed at $18. Buy them at Bare Escentuals

Finished look! ♥ K

17 January 2011

Serena Hair

Hey guys. I'm coming to you today with my first hair product review in full. So I was at my local BSS and I got talked into trying a new brand and by being talked into I mean given a great price. I purchased two packs of Serena Human Hair Yaky 12" for 14.99. And I will be posting pictures at the bottom. I have been pleasantly surprised with this brand of hair.  So without further ado lets get into it.....

Brand: Serena "12" Yaky color #1

Length: I purchased a 12" and it was a great length not like some of the brands where you purchase a 12" but end up having to trim it because the ends are so straggly. So I will give this an "A"

Saturation: I purchased a #1 the hair was VERY dark if you color your hair "blue black" or "blackest black" this would be a perfect color match. Other wise if you might need a #1b for a "natural black". There were no "gray" strands, thread or any of that. I will give this portion an "A" as well.

Weft Width: 55" folded 110" unfolded which I believe is standard but this is my first time measuring. so A

Shedding: This hair SHEDS not long strands like short strands like normal hair but it happens everytime you comb your hair it is quite annoying and messy. Not side chick friendly lol. "D"

Tangling: I have not noticed any tangling in the hair at all except for the first track at the nape of the neck but that is because the hair is on your neck and its only on my right side because I cant keep my fingers out of my hair. "B-"

Weft Puncture Ease: The weft is not hard at ALL which makes it very easy to split the tracks as well as easy sewing. "B"

Texture: Ok so the hair I purchased was labeled as yaky and it does resemble relaxed African - American hair. It is very soft. "A"

Curl Rentention: I have had a hard time trying to get this hair to hold heat even with hairspray as the hair gets older I have an easier time still nothing great. "C"

Overall score 78.1% C+

My overall opinion is that for what I had paid for the hair (14.99) I got exactly what I paid for. I would say this hair would be Idyllic for quickweaves, adding track to your natural hair for fullness, and a sew-in to tide you over for a couple of weeks. ♥ K